My professional experience

My professional experience


In 2005, I received the mechanical engineer degree from IFMA (French Institute for Advanced Mechanics - Clermont-Ferrand). During my training, I worked for six months in Spain for SOGEMASA INGENIERIA (Airbus A380 horizontal tail plane trailing edge composite panels dimensioning) and six months in USA at the University of Colorado Boulder (development of a genetical algorithm based optimization program of the composite structures reliability).

Afterwards, I joined the stress analysis office of the blade manufacturing center of EUROCOPTER, based in La Courneuve, France. I realized substantiation files for main rotor blades and tail rotor blades. Those documents were based on static but mostly fatigue analysis of composite parts, and on the treatment of mechanical tests. I also treated operational occurrences.


My working tools were mostly analytical calculations, but also FEM simulations (with PATRAN-NASTRAN).


After one and a half year at this position, I left La Courneuve for the structure team of the Swiss solar aviation project SOLARIMPULSE, based in Zurich. The purpose of this project is to realize a round the world flight, only propelled by solar energy, thus without fuel (more info on


Integrated to this passionate engineers team, I realized the dimensioning of many parts of the aircraft, composite and metallic as well. The most obvious examples are the wing's main spar, the cockpit, the tail boom, the horizontal stabilizer ribs or the elevator. Those analysis were mostly based on analytical pre-dimensioning, followed by validation and optimization by FEM (with FEMAP with NX NASTRAN).


I participated to this great adventure until June 2009, when the first prototype was unveiled to the public. That's the date I choose to start a new adventure : I created my own mechanical engineering office.



After Clermont-Ferrand, Spain, USA, Paris and Zurich, I decided during the year 2010 to come back to my native region, in the Queyras area, in the heart of Hautes-Alpes. This location allows me to practice an airsport activity : paragliding. Quite involved in this community, I'm living this aeronautical passion as a competitor but also as an instructor.


From this geographical basis, I take advantage of modern means of communication to develop an international as well as local network of clients.



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