Here is an overview of my partners and realisations.



SOLARIMPULSE (, in Dübendorf, Switzerland. In the second aircraft HB-SIB development context :


  • Fuselage structural configuration
  • Elevator dimensioning
  • Tail boom dimensioning
  • Ailerons dimensioning



Aircraft Design and Certification (, based in Neckargemünd, Germany. ADxC holds the EASA PART 21 DOA (Design Organisation Approval). Our long term collaboration leads me to work, with CVE (Compliance Verification Engineer) function, on airframes analysis and certification for project such as (non exhaustive list):

  • Aerobatics sailplane Blanik
  • Lightwing AC4 in the context of LSA certification
  • Aircraft galleys
  • Propeller, in the context of a material modification (from wood to carbon fibers)
  • ULA control system elements



Kasaero (, based in Stuttgart, Germany. I support the structural aspects of the developpment of a composite Gyrocopter blade. Many analytical calculations coupled/correlated with FEM analysis are involved. This project is carried out in collaboration with ADxC.



Convergence composite (, based in Le Brassus, Switzerland. Structural design of reduced size composite part in the watchmaking industry. The inovative use of FEM analysis in this particular field is challenging and opens a lot of possibilities.



Omegawatt (, based in Aurel, France. Developpment of the composite structure of an oscillating single blade windmill plant. After an intensive feasability analysis phase, the detail design is performed with analytical and FEM means.



Ecole Nationale de Ski et d'Alpinisme (, based in Chamonix, France. I train the french paragliding instructors on the flight mechanics related topics.





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